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NO.001 Sunset Lover crystal infused Parfume

NO.001 Sunset Lover crystal infused Parfume

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-Sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful too.

The afterglow of the setting sun falls on the familiar streets and alleys, it is a short farewell from the warm sun and us

Such a short but lingering farewell just proves that parting is also a very beautiful thing, 

see you tomorrow.

Capture the beauty of a sunset with NO.001 Sunset Lover, a deep and luxurious crystal infusion parfume. Feel the joy radiating from its opening notes of cranberry, pink pepper and tamarind pulp. Its middle notes of violets, cocoa fruit and rose will captivate your senses. And experience its grounding and enveloping base notes of patchouli, vanilla and Cryptocarya. Invigorate and enlighten your soul with the natural energies of clear quartz and sunstone. What an extraordinary way to embrace and celebrate your beauty!

Front note:

Cranberry , Pink pepper, Tamarind Pulp


violets, cocoa fruit, rose

Base notes:

patchouli, vanilla, Cryptocarya



clear quartz, sun stone

Content: vegan perfume ethanol, fragrance, clear quartz, sun stone


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之前從不擦香水的我,因為害怕味道太高調而引人注目,自從用了Frika 的香水後,喜愛的不得了,他讓我身上充滿芬芳氣息但卻又至於過於凸顯高調,調和的真的很剛好,讓我想要再試試其他香味❤️

Dear 佳媛: thank you for the purchase and review ! ❤️ FRIKA的特調香氣取材自大自然的靈感, 希望為每一個FRIKA friend打造最放鬆舒適的能量香氛療癒空間✨✨✨


✨What makes FRIKA's product so different and unique ?

Bringing the Western adventurous spirit combing with artistic creation, FRIKA's candle & Fragrance is one of the kind. It's a mixing pot of all the natural elements as well as connection with human being. The special burning, smell and relaxing moment is here to take good care of you and boos your energy.

✨What are your Candle made of?

FRIKA's candle is made out of Pure Organic soywax from USA, our cotton core / wood wick imported from USA, We use sustainable products that are vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and never tested on animals.

✨ What can i do with the Candle Jar?

FRIKA's candle jar is special design and can tolerate high temperature, we encourage for reuse and recycle for plants, storage and be as creative as you can be, it can be put in the oven as well! Surprise us with your creation.

✨Where are the Crystals from?

All of FRIKA's crystals are purchased directly from the origin countries. Before making our crystals into products, our team washed and filter each of  the crystal with pure water, setting it under sun and moonlight, purified with Califorina flora white sage to make sure crystals are pure and charged with energy.

✨What's your shipping arrangement?

FRIKA values your time and we usually ship out in one working day on working days (Mon-Fri) , once the shipping is arranged, we will send tracking number via email to you.





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* If there's any question, please let us know. it's our pleasure to help out!


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