Behind #Design

Its the Nature that inspires us to create

Capture everything genuine, raw beautiful little thing and turns into our life-inspiration is what we love to do! And everything from FRIKA starts from a sketch with a wood pencil and a piece of white paper. We design everything and mix up with best natural elements to enrich and decorate our places, turning it into the most calming and relaxing place for us to live.

100% PURE Handmade with Love & Patient

It takes 3.5 day , Love and Patience for us to design and make each of the crystal candle, we focus on the extreme detail such as hand-wash each of the crystal, cleanse with California white sage and let it absorb under sun & moonlight before design into the candle for you.  we also pour candles separately into two to three times before  it's ready to decorate with crystal just to make sure it's perfect enough.


For Crystal infused and PURE SOYWAX only candles , it's really challenging to get a perfect burn without destroying the design and the use of the candles. Using high quality wicks costs a lot but it's worth for a premium unique burning and relaxing experience for you! we use only certified wood wicks and cotton wicks from USA. 

The power of Words_ LOCAL Artist collaboration

It's more than just a design of word, it's a powerful message for your soul and it's created to remind a self-care moment just for you! Our Designs are more than focused on just being pretty, it is a warm note & a gentle hug for all of us. it could be a good self-care moment in the morning, a before bedtime card to read at night, or a quiet warm hug when feeling depressed and down, it's created just for you, and we want to be the most supportive existence, quietly and gently be there and grow with you!

 Let's go where we Breathe free together!