Candle Care

Hi ! Let's take some time to learn about our candle and take care of the gently with love.

Our crystal can withstand extreme levels of heat and have been kept safely cocooned in your 100% organic soy wax

Each crystal is in unique and special shape and size, some stones may distinguish
the flame of your candle if it moves too close to the wick. If in this case, we
I recommend you remove the crystal and avoid the flame with our bamboo clip or spoon.

Burn your candle for at least 2 hours and allow it to melt to the edge of the glass
Trim wick below 5mm-10mm each time before use
Always snuff out the flame, don't blow it
Keep out of children & pets
Leave at 7cm between candles
Avoid using in drafty areas
keep away from things that catch fire
Learn more about our #behind the stone