Behind the #Stone


Travel around the world, just to be with you

Yes, it's hard to imagine how these beauties were born and grown out in their own ways before we actually see them in our hands. each kind of our crystal is from a different place.



We take care of each stone by our own hands.

The crystal stones are 100% nature without and artifical processing. we receive the stones with dust and dirts on it, We clean up gently with pure water and let it dry naturally before we strat selecting and filtering the stone.


Clean up the stone purely with water and white sage.

After clean and sun bath, We use California white sage with nature dry flowers to clean up the stone entirely. We transfer the sage to our nondominant hand and firmly grasp your stone and move it through the smoke.


Be open minded with the stones

We are very open minded and creative when it comes to design and packing the stones, we tried to make it accessible in your daily life, and make it more fun and useful, above all, we believe its a connection to the Mother Earth, and a reminder for us to take a deep breathe when we are stressed out and intense in this hetic paced world.