FRIKA Philosophy

“Go where you breathe free”- butterflies rising.

It's all about creating and building a corner within your soul and letting it breathe freely and wildly.“ I was trying to do meditation during the panic lockdown since 2020 and this mental status of allowing myself to breathe freely just built up the strength and power for me to cope with the stressful situation.“ And it reminded me of the life-changing journey I had back in my early twenties as a backpacker and travel wildly and freely to connect the real nature and the people around the world, the exotic latin American culture, is totally into this passionate and genuine lifestyle and how they connect themselves with mother nature.

Our Mission

"Often times we are rushed by our daily tasks and constant missions popping up in our life, we forgot to take a moment, or find a place to breathe freely. This is the mission of this brand, to pass on the important message and creating a natural-like corner for everyone to get a breathe free spot" We focus on environmental friendly elements because we love nature and respect the power of it! 

Above all, we want to make you feel like We take care of you.

About our crystal stone

All of the crystals are from Brazil, Magnolia and Madagascar , we comply with environmental friendly policy and each stone is 100% natural, no artificial color dyed or so, that is our promise to you and also to nature. 

About our candle

All of our candles are 100% organic fine soy wax, with imported cotton/ wood wick, designed by the owner and hand poured by hand. The essential oils are from the United Kingdom and switzerland. We make sure every step comply with the best quality and combine all the best natural ingredients into this candle.


About our essential oils

All of our essential oils are with premium quality and well  selected and imported from Switzerland and the United Kingdom.